Shipping from USA to Europe

Cost effective and modern logistic solutions

AIR and OCEAN shipments to all European Countries

Small and large. Personal and business. Express AIR aor economy OCEAN.

Cargo and customized shipments

Small, large, square or round - we can ship them all!

Shopping in the USA

Do you live in Europe and want to shop in the USA? With us it's easy. Register, shop and ship. We don't charge any commission fees, just pay for shippingto your destination.


We offer free storage to our customers for up to 30 days. Package, motorcycle, car or household effects - there are no limits if you ship with us.

Pickup from any location in the USA

Do you live in Miami, San Francisco or maybe small town in Texas? We can pickup your package from any location, even from Beautiful Honolulu.


Do you have packages from different locations? Not a problem, we can consolidate them all to lower your bill.

Personal and Household Effects?

Do you live in the USA and decided to settle in Europe? We offer full transportation services and help with Customs procedures.

Purchase and transport of cars

Wrecked from auto auction, new from dealership, used from private seller - we can purchase any vehicle and ship it to Poland or Germany.

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